I’m Samantha and I have been taking photographs for a long time. I can remember loving looking through my parents photo albums when I was little (and still do now) and taking photos when we were kids on holiday. I also took GSCE and A Level photography - that was using a SLR camera and doing all the film development and print making (yes pre-digital).

I’m still new to the world of wedding photography and I would describe my style as candid; I aim to capture your special day in a natural, fun way without constantly being in your faces!

My husband Andrew is a private photography tutor who has been teaching for many years. Prior to that he used to photograph weddings and I was the chief bag holder, so I’m experienced in how they run. He is now mentoring me and is always a phone call away should I need any advice!

Sometimes people think candid means ‘secretly’ or ‘from the outskirts’ and that maybe I’ll miss the key moments but that is not the case. I will of course make sure I get the shots that everyone wants; walking down the aisle, the kiss, speeches, first dance and a confetti shot (if you’re allowed it). Then it’s all the moments in-between; the little looks, sideways glances, kids being kids, adults being adults, all those great little moments that make your big day so special.

Whilst the majority of the photos will be candid shots I will also do some group shots - some of these can be ones requested by yourselves and some I will capture when I find little groups of people naturally standing (or sitting) together. I think it it can make a much nicer, less posed (or maybe forced is a better word) portrait if you ask people who are having a chat or catching up if you can get a quick group photo. Gives them less time to think about their smile or hand position!

Also I like to spend a little bit of time with you, the bride and groom, as it is nice to have a few (or a lot) of the new Mrs & Mr in their finery on their wedding day. I promise not to keep you from your guests for longer than you want though.

So that’s a bit about my journey into photography and my photography style. But if you want to know a bit more about me then I can tell you I’m 40something, married with 2 gorgeous young girls. I have a bit of a hair dye addiction and my hair is currently either pink or blonde, or somewhere in between.

We have 1 dog, 1 cat and 3 rats. We would have more cats if we could, but the cat we do have, Shirley Bassey, is 16 and will not tolerate another cat in the house. We sadly lost Shirley’s brother Tom Jones to cancer in 2015 and I’m still devastated.

We had a 1988 VW T25 camper van which has taken us camping in Spain 3 times as well as France and various places in the UK. But the girls got too big to sleep in the bed in the roof so we sold the girls….. (We sold the van and brought a 1988 folding camper.)

I’m a telly addict. I also love reading (mainly chick-lit #sorrynotsorry). I’ve read Marian Keyes books as many times as my eldest has read the Harry Potter books. Which is a lot.

I love gin. My favourite gin is Nordes. If you have any gin recommendations (or would like some) please contact me.

I make my own clothes. Well some of them. I would make more but I’m a slow sewer. I like to make an outfit for a special occasion so that I know no-one else will be wearing the same dress. This could come in handy if you have a wardrobe malfunction on your wedding day as am pretty handy with a needle and thread.

If you are having a fancy dress party I’m there. With wigs on. And facepaint.

Because of my love of fancy dress and sewing it makes me ‘that’ parent who loves it when the kids have a dress up day at school.

I’m scared of spiders.

I hope you enjoy looking through my portfolio and if you have any questions at all, please do feel free to contact me.

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