So sad to hear and see the devastating fire at the magnificent Notre-Dame. I’m sure it will be rebuilt but it’s going to be a long time before it’s back to its full majestic self.

We’ve been to Paris a number of times over the last few years and although I’ve seen the outside many times I’ve never been inside, which I now slightly regret.

Here’s a selection of photos of the Notre-Dame. I may also wear my blossom print skirt today as the blossom on it is actually taken from one of my photos of the many blossom trees in the gardens of the Notre-Dame. 


Hospice In The Weald

At the end of last year I answered an advert looking for volunteer photographers for Hospice In The Weald. At the end of last month I was asked to photograph one of their events. It was a thank you evening for their ‘major sponsors’. The event was held at the hospice in Pembury and as well as a meal, there were also presentations about the new Cottage Hospice which is being built near Mayfield, East Sussex, that’s due to open later this year. For more information on the amazing work the hospice does please visit their website.

Street/Stranger Portrait workshop

With Andrew Newson Photography Courses

On Saturday I took part in Andy’s Street/Stranger Portrait workshop. I was massively out of my comfort zone having to approach strangers to ask if I could take their portraits, but because you can get some amazing results I just had to do it.

Andy set us the challenge of taking 50 portraits, well I only managed 30 but I got the most out of the group so I’m counting it as a win :)

There’s so much to think about when doing this; who to ask, getting straight in your head what to say when you approach someone, making sure your settings are correct, making sure the composition is good, and all in a very short space of time as you don’t want to hold these people up too much. Not all my portraits worked out but below are the ones that did.

For more information on this workshop and others run by the very knowledgeable Andrew Newson please visit his website.

My top wedding tip for 2019

I may be a bit late to this particular party but I have the answer to the question “how do we keep the kids entertained at our wedding?” Slime! 

Our good friends had our two girls for a sleepover the other Saturday and in the morning she let them make slime - it kept them busy for about 2 hours. Then we went to the pub for a Sunday roast where they continued to play with it (in between eating and playing hide and seek outside in the freezing sunshine).

So I suggest for any guests under the age of 14 you make sure your wedding favours for them are a pit of slime (and there’s probably a couple of big kids that you can think of that would like it too!)

Baby shoot!

I was asked by a friend if I did baby shoots. Well it’s not something I’d really thought about as I’ve never done it but if they were prepared to be my guinea pigs then yes!

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Rachel & Joe

On the 15th September I was lucky enough to be booked along with another photographer Mark Mitchell to photograph the wedding of the gorgeous Rachel and Joe.

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