How to get the best from your photos

Don’t be scared - it is down to me to make sure I get the best from you and your day but there are things I need to know to enable me to do that. This page is about making sure we get the best from each other; hints, tips and things I need to know and some things you should expect from me.

Things you need to tell me

There is a lot to think about and to organise when you are planning a wedding, and as much as you can leave me to photograph all the obvious (ie the ceremony, the speeches, you!) I will need some guidance on the most important aspects TO YOU. For example; has someone made you a special decoration, are you having a confetti cannon, has a cousin travelled all the way from Australia just for your big day and you want a photo of you both? Whilst I will mingle and take photos of as many of the guests as I can, if you don’t tell me the cousin Jo has made a special trip to be there and who cousin Jo is then I can’t guarantee to take a photo of her. And you know if you don’t tell me about that special person or thing that will be the one I miss. Likewise if you are having a confetti cannon or a parade of puddings with sparklers and don’t tell me when this will be happening, that will be the time I go to the toilet!

Also please bare in mind that I am more documentary, candid photographer and that is where my strength lies, if you have a big long list of shots that you want then you won’t get the best from me. This leads me on to…

Group shots

I feel people have a bit of a love hate relationship with group shots; on the one hand you want to make sure you get those all important photos of you and your family but equally you don’t want to spend ages standing in a line plastering a smile on your face. They also take time, time away from you spending it with your loved ones having fun. That’s why I suggest if you do want some group shots you keep the list to between 5-8. Also remember that unless you don’t speak to anyone thought out the whole day I will probably capture you with friends and family but in a much more relaxed and natural photograph. Here are some ideas of groups shots:

Bride, groom and parents
Bride, groom and children
Bride, groom and immediate family (parents, siblings, their partners and children)
Bride, groom and grandparents
Bride, groom and bridal party
Bride and bridesmaids
Groom and groomsmen
Group shot

To help speed up the group shots it would be great if there is a family member or friend who can help round people up for me - someone with a loud and/or bossy tone is ideal!

Also I am not a really bossy, pushy person so if you’ve asked me to take some particular photos but then on the day are reluctant to do it I won’t make you. I want you to enjoy yourselves and not feel like you are constantly being pestered by me to get Great Aunty Janice for a photo!

However when it comes to photos of you and your partner I do strongly suggest that we take a little of bit of time out to get some beautiful portraits, this only has to take 10 minutes or so but if you are happy to spend longer then great. If we can do this when the light is likely to be at its best that will make your photos even more amazing. When ‘the best’ time is all depends on what time of year you are getting married but that is something we can chat about.

The Photos

I aim to get your photos to you within 6 weeks. You then have 6 weeks from that date to choose the ones you want in your book/album.

When you get your wedding photos don’t be surprised that they are not sepia toned, vintage looking as that’s not my style. Hopefully you’ve looked through my portfolio and seen that I go for the natural, bright style and that is what you will get. If that’s not what you want them I’m probably not the photographer for you as I’m not going to edit my photos differently to what you’ve seen already from me.

Also if you are rather fond of a selfie stick and a snap chat filter then my photos of you maybe not what you are used to seeing, but please remember that my photos are the real you and that is what is important as that is the you your partner is marrying. Please don’t ask me to alter your photos - your partner knows that your face isn’t wrinkle free and if your wedding photos showed that then they would be a lie (in this digital age camera never lies line is no longer true!) I know how easy it is to be critical of yourself in photos - trust me I am not fond of most of the images of myself - but I won’t photoshop you slimmer. There are little things you can do to get the best ‘you' in the photos, for example you can work out what is your best side (but make sure you let me know), perhaps book me for an engagement or couple shoot before hand so that you get used to having a camera in your face and a little practice session to work out what angles you like best and for us to get to know each other?

Ultimately your partner, family and friends see you every day without a filter and as long as you look happy in the photos the photos will be amazing.