Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do we book you for?

A. Well that really depends on how long your wedding is and what you want covered.

If you want bride and groom prep covered until first dance (usually about 8pm) and your ceremony is an early-ish one, say 12pm, then you are looking at 10 hours.

If you just want ceremony until first dance covered and you are getting married at 3pm then 6 hours.

Some other things to bear in mind is where everything is happening ie same place or different locations as you will need to factor in travel to for myself as well as you.

Do you want sparkler or firework photos because if you do then you need to think about what time it is going to be dark.

I am more than happy to discuss with you the timings of your day.

Q. Do we have to have bridal and/or groom prep photographed?

A. No! If you’d rather not then that’s fine, it’s your day. There is usually time before the ceremony to get a few groom and groomsmen photos and if the bride and bridesmaids are getting ready at the ceremony venue then I can get a couple of photos too so you can still have some ‘pre wedding’ photos.

Q. I see you also offer weddings with your husband, do we need two photographers?

A. Again it will depend on the size, timings, locations and what you want covered. A big wedding (150+) requiring bride and groom prep, in different locations is ideally going to need more than one person. But you can book both of us whatever size wedding you are having, with two of us it means that it’s more likely that different angles will be recorded and probably more guests and moments.

Q. What’s your ‘social media usage discount’ all about?

A. For any photographer being able to share and promote their wedding is really the only way we can build up our business and book other jobs, but to do this I need to have your consent. All photographers should have a consent section on their contract (as I do) but to encourage you to tick that box I’m offering a social media usage discount as a thank you because it’s really important to me to be able to share the photos I take. Please note that just because you allow me to use your photos that you are going to be plastered all over social media, it will just be a few on my Facebook page and Instagram and my followers are not in the thousands (or anywhere near)!

If you don’t want your photos appearing on Facebook or Instagram etc that is of course fine and your prerogative - but you’ll pay more ;0)

Q. When will we get our photos and photobook?

A. I aim to get your gallery ready within 6 weeks. If you’ve opted to allow me to use them on social media then I can also do an early ‘sneak peak’ . You then have 8 weeks to select the photographs you want in your photobook. I then aim to get your photobook/album designed, printed and delivered to you within 6 weeks.

Q. We’ve booked your for XX hours with a basic photobook but now thinking we might want you for longer and upgrade to an album

A. Not a problem, just get in touch and I will work out the extra cost.

Q. Why isn’t there a photo of Uncle Bob?

A. Unfortunately it is nigh on impossible to get a photo of every person at your wedding. Even if you have a group shot there is bound to be someone who’s nipped off to the toilet. However if there is someone important that you want a photo of then tell me and I will do my best by I can’t guarantee it.

Q. I have a list of 20 different groups that I want photographing, is that ok?

A. Erm not really. The reality is that after the ceremony you will want to mingle with your guests, chat, have a drink and they will to. Organising loads of different permutations of family members takes time and takes you away from your wedding. Of course it’s fine to have a list of say 5 or 6 but I would really try and keep it to a minimum.

For more of my thoughts on group shots have a read of this blog post.