Street/Stranger Portrait workshop

With Andrew Newson Photography Courses

On Saturday I took part in Andy’s Street/Stranger Portrait workshop. I was massively out of my comfort zone having to approach strangers to ask if I could take their portraits, but because you can get some amazing results I just had to do it.

Andy set us the challenge of taking 50 portraits, well I only managed 30 but I got the most out of the group so I’m counting it as a win :)

There’s so much to think about when doing this; who to ask, getting straight in your head what to say when you approach someone, making sure your settings are correct, making sure the composition is good, and all in a very short space of time as you don’t want to hold these people up too much. Not all my portraits worked out but below are the ones that did.

For more information on this workshop and others run by the very knowledgeable Andrew Newson please visit his website.